5 Tips for an Industrial Style Home

If you’ve been eyeing those borough lofts and renovated barns for a while now, here are a few industrial style details to add to your residence.

The design world has long been enamoured with renovating old warehouses, barns and buildings. From exposed beams, clean lines, structural elements and rustic finishes, industrial style is staying for good. According to Interior Designipedia, “industrial style can be an unfinished look and focuses on combining raw and pretty rough surfaces with clean, flat surfaces. It is primarily a showcase for everything related to industry and fabrication.”

Create a look that transforms craftsmanship and mechanical creativity with unfinished touches for your home. If you’ve been eyeing those borough lofts and renovated barns for a while now, here are a few industrial style details to add to your residence.

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1. Embrace the Imperfections

In order to achieve a rustic look, furniture and fixture pieces may not have perfect surfaces. Welcome variations and discolourations into various pieces for your home. Try weathered wood from salvage yards for headboards, doors and art. Concrete, steel and iron were quite big in the industrial era so look out for rustic metals in these or try copper, nickel and cast iron.

Get the look: Harrison Multi-coloured Sideboard, Jorma Industrial Chest of Drawers or Leroy Punch Hole Dining Chair

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2. DIY Additions

Bricks walls are a staple in any industrial home. Fired clay brick are durable and can last hundreds of years. However, if your home doesn’t come with brick walls, there’s always the option of putting brick wallpaper.

Look into your home or at garage sales for mechanical pieces that aren’t working and shine new light into them. For example, an old iron sewing machine can be turned into a table base or combine reclaimed wood with caster for a chic coffee table or kitchen island.

Get the look: Conrad Industrial Coffee Table

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3. Mix Texture

An industrial style home need not only be about wood, concrete and metal, it also needs to be warm and inviting. Create a cosy look by mixing raw and soft textures like a fluffy rug under a wood and metal table, box crates with wicker baskets or throws in rich, colourful fabrics.

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4. Opt for Pendant Lights

The industrial era was big on exposed mechanical details with porcelain enamel shades and aluminum bulb cages. Pendant lights with metal or concrete are preferred to get the modern built appeal.

Get the look: Doug Industrial Light Shade, Nuka Industrial Pendant Light or Gavin Modern Pendant Light

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5. Concrete, Black and White

The predominant colour palette of any industrial style home is composed of three hues: concrete, black and white. Not only does it create a feel of business and trade, it also makes for a modern and sleek home.

Get the look: Lauren Round Concrete Modern Pendant Lamp, Masja White Bench, Black Banjo Stool and Aria Designer Coffee Table

What kind of industrial style details would you incorporate into your home? Let us know! For more interior design tips and inspiration, visit the Retrojan Blog.

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