Add a bit of ‘Mad Men glamour’ to your Melbourne Cup Day

From the 1660s to the 1960s, Champagne was sipped from a coupe or saucer by a host of British royalty and Hollywood icons.

We would love to add a bit of ‘Mad Men glamour” to our Melbourne Cup Day with these champagne coupes/saucers.

Somewhere down the line someone came up with a “better” way to drink Champagne, the flute, but there is something about drinking champagne from a wide saucer. They say that flutes are better for keeping champagne carbonated.

With the champagne coupe you don’t have to hold the glass almost upside down to drink that last sip and who’s leaving their champagne around that long anyway?

These coupes would feel quite at home on our Gwyneth Credenza Sideboard.

Image: Etsy – AZCreativeStudio

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