Blogger Penny goes in search of the perfect industrial table

Blogger Penny from Chic to Shore has gone on the search for the perfect industrial table… and found Retrojan’s Larry side table. Check out her blog post on New York’s Love with Industrial Tables.

Penny wrote:

Industrial tables are a staple in every New York pad, and although they are made from re-used wood and heavy iron, they seem to bring a feeling of homeliness and warmth to a room… go figure. Perhaps it’s the history that comes with them. Each piece has a story to tell, from it’s humble beginnings in a shoe factory or a shipyard perhaps.

My husband and I moved into a new apartment over the weekend and it is the type I NEVER thought I’d live in – it’s brand new. Now, most people love the freshly painted white walls, granite bench-tops and stainless steel appliances, but to me it feels stark and lacks character. So I am on a mission to warm the place up and the first thing on my list is an industrial table! It will add a touch of charm and comfort to the new surroundings.

We were thrilled that Penny chose our Retrojan’s Larry side table.

Penny describes our Larry:

This simple, steel-framed side table is classic in its design so will work well in any room. Soften it by placing a posey of flowers on top, or bring out its warehouse charm by displaying a steel lamp on the top shelf or an antique type-writer on the bottom. This table can be purchased for $179 from Retrojan Australia-wide.

Source:  in Penny’s NYC Decor

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Click here to visit our RetroJan Larry side table at our online store.

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