Are you a…Crosby Dining Chair?

A little bit about the Crosby Dining Chairs…

Our Crosby dining chairs just want to brighten up your day! It’s tough to stay mad when a clan of these guys is gathered around your table.

Made especially for folk who are fans of the arched window on Playschool, Crosby dining chairs are sure to inspire lively conversation and shenanigans at your next dinner party.

Whilst the Crosby dining chairs are most commonly found in the dining room, there have been several sightings of this cool, calm collected type draped in jeans in the bedroom. The choice is yours.

Colour: Vintage Green, Baby Blue

Price: $129.00 each

If you are the Crosby Dining Chair, tell us why in the comments below and you could win a set of 6 for your home or workspace. 

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