French Furniture for Beginners

What’s your personnalité française? Are you a shabby chic aficionado or do you prefer the embellishment and ornate grandeur of rococo? Here are a few tips and tricks for dressing up your décor, French-style.


1. Shabby Chic

Photo by Simon Bevan      shabby-chic-interior
Photo by Simon Bevan

So you like things pretty but not too prissy. You want to be able to spill a few cups of tea without wondering how your 18th century antique will take it. You like a bit of grit to spice things up.

Welcome to shabby chic. With its white-washed whimsy and devil-may-care charm, shabby chic is a winner for most interiors. Prefer a more polished look? Dress up your shabby chic with stunning textiles, linens and decorative feature points. Colourful blasts of florals are a great way to spice up this classic look.



Dijon Cabinet



2. Provincial


Fancy yourself living a charmed provincial life? This style fuses traditional French country living with a modern flair. Team off-white furniture with bold contemporary colours to make the most of this timeless look. Big mirrors, natural fibres and embroidered fabrics add light and warmth, opening up your home to some luxurious French living.


3. French Garden


Pull a Marie Antionette and live the finer life outdoors. With the weather warming, now’s the perfect time to get your furniture outside for a little airing. Drape some white linen over your tabletops, add a few candles and voilà! You have an entertainment area fit for French royalty. Just remember to rush your furniture back inside once the feast is over!




Photo by Maria Panayiotou (Flickr)


4. Châteaux de France


Marseille Console

If you’re after a more refined look, aim high.

Fill high ceilings with statement pieces that are rich in details, from fine etchings to sweeping cabriole legs. For smaller abodes, you can achieve this look with rustic colours and big details. Add a touch of class to your décor with bursts of flowers and carefully placed glassware. A few silver candle holders wouldn’t go astray, either.

Add a touch of warmth to this elegant look with richly embroidered textiles, thick curtains and earthy tones.




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