Modern Retro Living

Retrojan brings you beautiful retro furniture – straight to your door.

Check this out – a retro vintage kitchen set up that blew us away. It made us think – everything old is new again. Steak Diane’s making a comeback. Audrey Hepburn’s the girl everyone wants to have breakfast with and damned if we aren’t hankering for a chaise lounge to recline on in our own boudoir. That’s why we created Retrojan – to bring you beautiful retro furniture – straight to your door.

Whether you’re hankering for something vintage-inspired from our Pin Ups collection, a long-legged Scandinavian thing from our Danish Royals or something a little harder from the industrial furniture Woodstock collection, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps your dining room would like a little retro furniture makeover? Your bedside tables could be more impressive, or you’re sick of looking at your boring old desk? We’ve got just the right pieces to take you from ‘meh’ to ‘marvellous’ – to take you back to the era of THIS KITCHEN! We’ve even got the kids retro furniture covered with our Little Miss and Mr range. But don’t take our word for it – go explore!

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