How to Create a Gorgeous Kids Bedroom

With loads of imagination and these design tips, both you and your kids will be quite pleased with the outcome!

Decorating a kids’ room is a lot of fun! Not just a place for sleeping, a kid’s bedroom is also a space for creating, playing and studying. If your child is ready to have their own space, one of the key things to always keep in mind is to make it a place they would actually want to spend time in. Ask first how they envision their room to be and allow their personality to shine through in the design of it.

Whether you want to furnish a toddler’s room or redesign for a teen, with loads of imagination and these design tips, both you and your kids will be quite pleased with the outcome!

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1. Play Favourites

Is your child especially fond of that unicorn stuffed toy or matchbox cars? Include their favourite things in their room so that they’ll feel comfortable with their surroundings. If they like to collect, include a treasure chest for a place for their special little valuables.


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2. Store It

Children will accumulate lots of toys over the years and that’s why it’s important to include storage solutions in your bedroom design. Having good storage is the difference between having a cluttered or clean space!

Kids Mural

3. Try a Mural

Murals are a fun and vibrant way to spice up your kid’s bedroom. It can be the main theme to plan the room around. Consult your child and choose a design that you both think will fit. Would they prefer mountains painted in their favourite colours or their favourite fictional character on their wall? It’s an interesting way to combine both your child’s individuality and your design aesthetics.

Dreamy Canopies

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4. Dreamy Canopies

It is important for kids to let their imagination run wild. One of the places where they can fulfil their own adventures is to have a canopy installed in their room. Let them play hide and seek, hang out and be in their own little world. You can even get creative and keep the kids occupied during the school holidays by making your own canopy -  simply search online for many simple DIY versions!

5. Lounge Around

Your little kids’ space wouldn’t be complete with their very own furniture. A kids’ sofa is a great focal point to build around bookshelves and toy storage. Place a bright coloured rug under it and you’ll instantly have the perfect little play area.


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6. Learning is Fun

Being a child is not just about fun and games, it’s also about growing and learning. Set up a corner or little area in their bedroom as a study space, perfect for those all important homework tasks. Place a simple desk, comfy chair and table lamp and you’re good to go. Don’t forget the little details like quirky pens or desk drawers in different hues, after all, learning should be fun!




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