How to Create the Perfect Dining Room

Dining rooms are more than just a table and a few chairs, so we’ve put together our top tricks and tips in order to create the perfect space for all your entertaining needs!

They say that the fondest memories are made when gathered around the dining table. Creating the perfect dining room for these memories can actually be one of the best ones in itself! Dining rooms are inviting areas that can be formal yet relaxed at the same time. It’s the perfect space to host family dinners, entertain guests and create memories whilst spending quality time together.

Dining rooms are more than just a table and a few chairs, so we’ve put together our top tricks and tips in order to create the perfect space for all your entertaining needs!

1. Plot the Space

One of the first steps in achieving the ideal dining area is to choose where it will be situated. Dining rooms are usually in close proximity to the kitchen for easy transport of food. Carefully consider your chosen area’s measurements in order assist you in choosing which furniture to buy. Keep in mind that the area must have enough liberty for guests to roam around and mingle without backing up to a wall or cabinet.

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2. Shine Bright

The dining area is suggested to be placed in an area with lots of natural light for great ambience. If the space has limited natural light, make sure to create the mood with lighting fixtures that match the overall design you have planned. A gorgeous pendant light or two can be a focal point and add to the overall feel of the room.

3. Dining Table and Chairs Harmony

Before selecting a dining table and chairs, it is essential to answer the following questions. Would your space best accommodate a round, square or rectangular table? How many seats would you require? Are you a frequent entertainer and would an extendable table be of use? It is essential that the dining table and the chairs work harmoniously together for a comfortable yet stylish dining experience. One of the best examples before making a purchase is to grab a chair to your desired table and sit there for some time. If it feels right, you’ve found the perfect match.

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4. Don’t agonize, organize.

One of the most important things to consider in building your dining room is storage. Where would all that fine china go? Although kitchen cabinets are an option, you can utilize storage solutions such as cabinets, chests and drawers to store cutlery, crockery, placemats etc. These storage areas can also separate what you use for everyday use and the ones used for special occasions.

5. Magic Carpet

Dining room rugs can add texture and warmth – whether it be a bright and bold or neutral colour rug, a stunning rug underneath the table can tie the whole look you have in mind. The dining room rug should have at least two feet on all sides of the dining table to permit guests to pull out chairs without tripping. Since spills are inevitable, choose materials that are durable yet still easy to clean.

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6. Colour Play

Add a pop of colour to the walls in your dining room with wall art! It can be a frame of kaleidoscopic colours to your neutral tones or a gallery wall, there are endless options. Don’t forget to measure the proportions of your artwork to the room itself.

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7. Let there be life!

Flowers can brighten up any room at the same time adding warmth, texture and life. When the dining room is not in use, why not add a beautiful centrepiece with flowers and decorative homewares? In this way, you’ll always be ready for spontaneous gatherings at home.

How will you create your perfect dining room? We’d love to hear your comments and recommendations below!

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