Introducing: The Customisable Sideboard

When it comes to sideboards, we’re like schoolgirls. We fall into the kind of swoon that makes our partners nervous. We dream about them in our sleep. We gaze at them longingly from outside shop windows. We’ve devoted innumerable hours towards hunting for that perfect retro sideboard.

But what would this perfect sideboard look like? we asked ourselves. The answer turned out to be surprisingly simple. A sideboard you can design yourself.

So we decided to create a world first in sideboard shopping – the Retrojan Customisable Sideboard. A sideboard that will fit with your style, not matter how outrageous or minimalist you decide to go.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Pick a Sideboard

Choose your sideboard. We have three sideboards to pick from – our sweet Alexandra two-door, her big sister Gywneth, and our bold and beautiful Moody sideboard. Both Alexandra and Gywneth come with a handy sliding drawer to hide knick-knacks and an adjustable side shelf, while Moody’s grid interior is adjustable to suit your storage whims.

With sturdy centre support and bolstered by thick mahogany legs, our sideboards are statement pieces that will keep you smiling for years to come. So make them yours!




Step Two: Pick your Body Colour

Whether you’re after the light and airy feel of pine or the deeper hues of walnut, you can pick a shade to match your style. Alexandra and Moody have two colour options (ranging from light-natural to natural and walnut), while our more adventurous Gwyneth has three.




Step Three: Choose your Doors

This is the fun part. We have over 11 shades for you to colour your sideboards with, from brilliant primaries to sultry pastels and natural timbers to match your body colour. Make up your own colour combo to suit your décor or pick from some tried-and-true favourites.

The choice is yours, so start customising!

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