Our industrially-styled classically handsome Henry

Going places? Here’s one piece of living room furniture who can identify with you. Our Henry coffee tables are always ready to be on the move- whether you need him closer to hold your cuppa, your laptop, or that sneaky dinner in front of the TV, or further away to stow that vase of flowers you’re secret admirer sent you that afternoon – Henry will do what he is told (if only all men were so obliging).

Perhaps you’d like living room furniture that’s open to re-configuring quick – to set up the in-home cinema, or just get that cheese platter a little closer to your reclining self.

Perfect with retro or modern living room furniture, the industrially-styled, but classically handsome Henry is a beautiful addition to any living space.

Click here to view our HENRY COFFEE TABLE at our RetroJan online store.

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