Patio Decorating Tips and Tricks

Create or decorate your patio with these tips for an inviting and refreshing space.

The warmer temperature is calling to enjoy the outdoors. Be ready to grab a book or a drink and take advantage of the sunshine and blue skies! Create or decorate your patio with these tips for an inviting and refreshing space:

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Make Way for the Outdoors

The right outdoor furniture can make your patio be the hub of activity during the warm days ahead. Make sure they are comfortable and can accommodate a number of people when you decide to have guests over for that barbecue. A bench is actually a great way to add seating without taking too much space.

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Brown Tones

Furniture in browns and neutrals can make a striking contrast against the greenery and foliage. Try to make brown as the base colour and gradually add lighter neutral shades as accents such as pillowcases or rugs.

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Twinkle Twinkle

Mimic the stars above by placing strings of lights in the ceiling to add some sparkle to your patio. Try inexpensive Christmas lights or a series of smaller pendant lights to create a romantic effect.

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Secret Garden

Show off your plants or better yet, plant more greenery to your patio. Place them in different coloured pots or jars for a bright pop of hue that’ll surely make anyone smile. If you have a black thumb rather than a green one, opt for low-maintenance plants like cacti or succulents.

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Smaller Spaces

Tight on space outdoors? Look for outdoor furniture that are compact and durable which are perfect for apartment living. This will allow you to enjoy the warmer temperatures without investing in too many pieces.

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Happy Hues

Brighter days call for bright colours as well! Try outdoor sets, tables or chairs in pastel colours to always put you in a sunny mood. Add pillows, cushions or flowers in light and cheerful shades. Try gingham patterns, stripes or florals to complete your cheerful patio look.

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