Retro kids: 1980s toys top Christmas lists

Take heart the kids are getting into the “retro thing – distinctly 1980s” too.  Maybe they have been checking out our RetroJan Kids range of furniture and decided they needed a bit of retro style.

Cabbage Patch Kids, Twister, Lego and Furbys are all expected to be bestsellers of ‘must-have’ presents this Christmas according to the Toy Retailer’s Association.

“These toys are timeless, they remind parents of their own childhood and a time of innocence”, Jeff Drayton, sales and marketing manager for Kidstuff tells

Cabbage Patch Kids sold in their millions after they were first launched in 1983. The dolls are supposedly found in vegetable patches and adopted by children.

Twister, the classic game which was hugely popular in the 1970s and 80s, is expected to sell well this year too, in a modern form called Twister Dance.

Along with Furby, the cuddly electronic owl, now with now has LCD eyes, Lego, puzzles, family bingo and old-school board games.

Next year, Kidstuff said they are looking at bringing back the classic Fisher Price clock, record player, camera and chatter phone.

What would you like to see brought back to the shelves?

Pictures: This year’s top-selling toys

Source: HeraldSun - Hi-tech turn-off: 1980s toys top Christmas lists.

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