Style Icons: Chris Carroll on Dressing Up Industrial Furniture

Style icon and interiors blogger Chris Carroll gives us his tips for making industrial furniture work in your home. With a passion for décor and Australian design, Chris’ blog The Life Creative is a must for anyone looking to freshen up their interior.


How to Successfully Execute Industrial Furniture

It’s no secret that I’m head over heels for anything industrial; I’m yet to meet a metal chair I didn’t like and a rustic finish is the kind of soul mate I could happily grow old with. But, full disclosure here: industrial furniture can feel cold if it’s not executed properly. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way to nail industrial decorating in your space.

Bring in the textiles

Industrial furniture’s best friend is fabric! Consider putting cushions on dining chairs or folding throws and placing them on top of stools or small side tables. If your room contains a lot of hard pieces made from metal and wood, a floor rug will bring balance into the space too.

Photo used under Creative Commons by suvajack (Flickr)

Colour makes it cosy

The metal, rust, nuts and bolts that you might find on industrial pieces don’t exactly conjure up warm and fuzzy thoughts. Bringing colour into your space will make it feel cosier, more playful and relaxed. Warm tones like red, yellow and orange will work wonders.


Accessories with texture

Industrial pieces are beautiful because of their natural, earthy vibe. To contrast and compliment that, dress your furniture with other materials like plastic, glass and other finishes. These accessories won’t overshadow your industrial pieces and will further enhance the look of the room, creating a new-meets-old vibe.


A drizzle of mother nature

Lastly, I find plants and flowers to be an industrial piece’s bestie, especially if you’re selecting bouquets in what some might consider feminine hues: pinks, peaches and soft yellows. Industrial furniture can be considered somewhat masculine, so let it play with some girly accessories.

Photo used under Creative Commons by Nomadic Lass (Flickr)

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