Style Icons: Emma Blomfield

Style icon Emma Blomfield is an experienced homewares buyer for and runs successful interior styling business, Nest Designs. Emma specialises in online interior decorating, and is passionate about making stylish interiors affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter their budget or their location. 
Describe your personal style.

My personal style is very neutral and tailored, but I like to add pops of colour here and there with art, flowers or soft furnishings.

 Emma Styles the our Felix Bedside Table in Natural/White.
What are your three top tips for styling a living space?

1. Don’t follow trends, if you want the space to work in five years time go for a more classic version of the trend so you don’t end up hating the room in the future.

2. Keep the big ticket items relatively neutral – don’t go for a bold pink pattern on the sofa, if you keep it to a beige or a charcoal colour you’ll be able to mix up the look of the room just by changing your cushions and art!

3. Call in help if you’re struggling. Some of my clients come to me after they’ve tried to decorate the space on their own, and then realise they need a helping hand to finish it off.

All you need is a different perspective on the space sometimes, and a trained professional who doesn’t live in the space who can easily identify things that need to be changed. Sometimes it’s just a small tweak to the floor plan that’s needed to change the flow and look of the room.

 Emma Styles the our Felix Bedside Table in Natural/White.




What does your dream living space look like?
My dream living space would be quite a cosy space that doesn’t focus on the TV like a lot of people often inadvertently do. I’d have floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with books and decorative pieces and hide the TV in the shelves. I’d add lots of texture throughout the space – throw rugs, cushions, floor cushions and lovely curtains!
How do you recommend achieving a great looking living space on a budget? 
Soft furnishings are a relatively inexpensive investment and can add colour and fun to a room rather than spending big money on recovering your sofa!
 Emma Styles the our Felix Bedside Table in Natural/White.

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