Top 5: DIY Christmas Decorations

Year after year, shop-bought Christmas decorations seem to cost a little bit more and look a little too similar to the ones selling the year before. This year we’re going DIY with our decorations to make this season the most magical and stylish yet.

Here are our top five do-it-yourself Christmas decorations. Let us know your favourites by commenting below!


1. A Christmas Tree Made of Books


Source: Family Sponge

A Christmas tree that smells good, looks good and doesn’t moult pine needles everywhere? Yes please.


2. DIY Advent Calendars


Source: Oh Happy Day

What’s better than a chocolate-filled advent calendar? A wall-sized version filled with treats. Have a go at this excellent DIY tutorial to create an advent calendar that turns heads.


3. Home-Made Tree Decorations


Source: Shelterness

Buy some clear glass baubles for cheap and go wild! Fill with glitter, turn into hot air balloons, cover with crochet, or even build a living terrarium in them. There’s nothing boring about these DIY babies.



Source: Woohome


4. Star Wars Snowflakes


These DIY Star Wars Snowflakes templates are causing quite a stir this festive season and we can see why. Even if you’re not a fan of The Force, this is a project the kiddies will love. Just make sure you keep an eye on those scissors!


5. DIY Snow Globes


It’s not exactly snow-covered in these parts of the globe, but for some reason we like to pretend it is at Christmas. Transport yourself to a winter wonderland under a sweltering Australian sun with these cute DIY snow globes. Alternatively, create a beach-front scene with sand to fully capture the spirit of a Southern Hemisphere Christmas. The choice is yours.

Check out this cute DIY snow globe tutorial by The Sweetest Occasion (featured pic top right).




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Feature photo from …love Maegan DIY Faux Flowers tutorial.

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