Our Top Tips for Creating a Beautiful Bathroom

Bathrooms today they are spaces that are highly thought out, especially in terms of style and design.

Bathrooms are usually designed as a functional space, utilised for getting ready for the day ahead! However, today they are spaces that are highly thought out, especially in terms of style and design – not to mention, they should be a space that brings a sense of calm and relaxation at the end of a long day.

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1. Light it up

A bathroom with lots of natural light is a great source of energy each day, not to mention when doing hair and makeup! Make sure your space has tons of natural light. If not, go ahead and add pendant lights! Lighting fixtures like pendant lights not only add a touch of glamour to your bathroom but also add much needed light into your space.

2.    Working Space

Bathrooms serve a purpose and its design should be in line with its function. Make sure that each element added is both practical and stylish. Start by thinking about the space and come up with a great layout. Would you prefer a tub but the space is too small? Is there a need for two sinks? Answering these questions and more will make it easier to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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3.    Don’t Forget Storage

Keep your towels nice and dry and your beauty products away from prying eyes with storage solutions. Try open floating shelves, built in mirrors or stackable wooden crates! If you have more room, cabinets, chests and drawers are also an efficient yet stylish option.

4.    Colour Palette

White is usually associated with cleanliness and is the colour most used for bathrooms. If you’d like to go for a different route, try a dark and moody colour as a base and add pendant lights for a glamourous feel. Also try painting tired-looking cabinets, tiles and fixtures for a fresh update!

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5.    Accessorize!

Add decorative and functional pieces for your bathroom with stools and baskets that can tie your whole theme together.

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6.    Green is In

Inject some life into your bathroom with plants! Add hanging foliage or air plants to your bathroom for a more relaxed and refreshing feel. If you’re more into potted plants, succulents in cute pots can also do the trick and will withstand the climate in the bathroom!


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