What Makes a Home Feel Like Home

Here are our top tips to create a space that you will enjoy living in and coming home to at night.

If it looks like you are living in an empty shell, or moving into a space with no personality, then you really need to focus on making your home feel like home, and a loved one at that. Here are our top tips to create a space that you will enjoy living in and coming home to at night.

1. Add a splash of colour

Painting a few walls can have a drastic effect on how the space feels and also remove that clinical stark white look.  Add drama to a room by painting it a dark grey or deep blue, or warm up a well-lit space with tones of reds, yellows and orange.  If your landlord restricts you from painting the interior, play with some removable wallpaper or decals to add texture, print and colour to your walls.


2. Light the space with lamps

Overhead ceiling lights do little to nothing to make your home feel warm and cozy. Plug in some lamps to light up a room, add warmth and set a mood. Overhead pendant lights with interesting shades hung low over a dining table or kitchen breakfast bench can also make the space feel more intimate and inviting.


3. Lay out a rug

A lovely generous sized rug in your living room not only creates a great visual effect, but also adds warmth and softness underfoot.  This is particularly important if you have a hard cold surface such as polished concrete, tiles or hardwood floors.  Good quality rugs can be expensive, so if you are restricted with budget, opt for one that is simple in design and can suit any future space you need to furnish.


4. Great bed linen

There is nothing nicer than jumping into a well-made bed with luxurious bed linen and a high tread count.  This is one space in the home that should feel like a five star hotel, but don’t be afraid to add personality.  Use a textured or patterned bedspread over crisp white linen, throw on some feature pillows or flank your bed with some personal artwork.


5. Decorate the walls

Artwork can transform a space instantly taking it from an empty shell that your stuff lives into a home.  Think outside the box, particularly if you have a limited budget, as artwork doesn’t just come in the form of paintings with a high price tag.  Frame up some postage stamps, an instrument, a cool poster or some travel photos.  Anything that displays your personality will add pop and life to your home.


6. Fill your shelves

A well-dressed book shelf not only adds interest to the space but makes your home feel lived in.  Don’t just stuff it full with books though. Space out your novels creatively by stacking some, and add interesting objects or pieces of art in between.


7. Green it up

Plants are a sign that a home is well lived in and loved, apart from those plants dying in the corner that is! If you do have a brown thumb, opt for succulents and cacti which will not only add a green element but an architectural look too!


8. Add personality

A home that reflects you and your personality really feels like home.  If you are an adventure lover, blow up some pictures of your travels.  Perhaps you’re the surfer type who can display your boards proudly in the hall, or maybe you are the quintessential crazy cat lady and your cushions sport cat portraits and prints!


9. Fill your place with people

A rowdy table of friends and family enjoying food, wine and conversation can transform your home instantly.  So open your doors and invite some buddies around.  If anything it will give you the extra nudge you need to give your abode a good clean!


Just remember the more time you spend in your home doing everyday things like cooking, sleeping in on a Sunday morning and chilling out on your balcony, the more your home will feel like yours.  And if you furnish it to reflect your personality with things you love, you will be more willing to spend time there, instead of at the local café or someone else’s place.

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