Brent Rosenberg

Brent Rosenberg is an Australian artist known for his signature use of shapes, textures, and mixed mediums that portray growth and transformation. Influenced by his love of portraiture and art forms, including art, fashion, and music, Brent’s work features a beautiful contemporary approach, melding digital and organic content to create inspired pieces that suit all kinds of spaces. His use of sharp geometric shapes lends an almost mathematical philosophy to the works, wherein unique geometric-based prints come to life. 

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Brent Rosenberg’s aim is to create artworks that fit perfectly into any home or creative space. Discover colourful and evocative three-dimensional pieces of artwork with a focus on form and composition. Everything in Brent's works is purposeful, thoughtful, and natural, and can surely inspire creativity and imagination to the space you choose to decorate it with.. 

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Showing 13 Results