Città Design

Città Design is a design house based in Auckland, New Zealand offering a product line based on the philosophy of life and travel. Designed in New Zealand, Città’s masterfully crafted home decor and homewares are stylish, beautiful, and fun at the same time. From India and New York to Tokyo and Barcelona, Città Design’s unique products are heavily inspired by the world's vibrant cultures. If you need to add soul to your space, Città will do that just for you. 

A Medley of Cultures in Your Home with Città Design

If you want to add a conversation-starter to your home, Città homewares offers a gorgeous line of homewares and furniture with each product having a unique story of its own. Cosy up with printed and plain Città cushions, light up your reading nook with a beautiful Città lamp, and add personality to your space with Città bed linen in varying shapes and colours. Discover quilted throw pillows, minimalist planters, marble dishes, and so much more!

With Città’s fun and elegant homewares and furniture, you can take pieces of the world to your home. Shop Città Design from RJ Living today. We offer safe and secure nationwide delivery in Australia so you can shop from the comfort of your home.

Città Homewares

From tableware to vases, Citta aims to create beauty and functionality in each piece they create. Every room in your home can have a beautiful piece from Città Melbourne.

Citta Cushions

Rich fabrics and textiles are a cosy addition to your living room with Città cushions. Choose from neutrals or fun prints that bring out your interior personality. 

Citta Lamps

Light up your home with Città, from table lamps to pendant lights, a wide selection of designs and colours are available. Their modern designs are a staple for every room in your home. 

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