Round Coffee Tables For Your Home

A living room is complete with a beautiful coffee table. A round coffee table is especially ideal for those who like to play board games or enjoy getting up close and personal with guests. Often serving as the centerpiece of the living room, a modern round coffee table is the perfect multi-functional piece of furniture to get creative with. The accessories and features of a round coffee table are endless - it can hold storage space, house books, and trays, showcase floral arrangements, display candles, and so much more!

Round Coffee Table Styles

At RJ Living, you can score the perfect round wood coffee table that will spruce up your space and find one with the perfect material that fits your style. Enjoy the smooth lines and gentle curves of our round retro coffee tables and achieve a modern and chic aesthetic with a modern round coffee table made from wood, steel, glass, or marble. With our impressive range of coffee tables in a variety of colours, you can show off your personality, too!

Shop in-store or online with Australia-wide delivery - you’ll surely find a round coffee table that’s beautiful, functional, and exciting to use.


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Showing 35 Results