Mid Century Shelves 

Add a statement to your living room with a gorgeous mid-century display shelf. Not only are shelves used for storage purposes, but they can also display decorative items and mementos for a personalised and aesthetically pleasing home. Designed with geometric shapes and high functionality, a mid-century display shelf allows you to arrange your belongings however you please.

A Gorgeous Mid-Century Display Shelf for Your Room

Make your home look well-designed with our RJ Living’s wide range of mid-century display shelves. Arrange your books alphabetically, by colour, or by genre with a stunning mid-century display shelf. Get creative by displaying potted plants, lovely vases, picture frames, or candles on your shelf, too. Made with premium craftsmanship, our sturdy yet stylish mid-century shelves are functional pieces of furniture that allow you to show off the items you hold dear in your living room. Select the best style for your home with high-quality shelving made with oak, teal, metal, and more.

Best of all, you can shop in-store or online with our convenient Australia-wide delivery! Browse our mid-century display shelves - you'll surely discover stunning finds for your next decorating project or home makeover. 

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Showing 33 Results