Welcome to RJ Living

We are excited to announce the launch of our new look and name...



RJ Living

Bringing spaces to life  


To get to heart of our change, it is you, our customers, that have inspired this evolution.


The journey


Six years ago, we were founded with the core ethos of delivering beautifully designed, superb quality pieces, underpinned by next-level customer service.


None of this has changed. What has changed is our range, growing from a focus on retro-style furniture to now feature a lovingly curated collection of styles from around the world.   


As a team, we have also evolved to embody bigger ideas about the power of objects to define a room, to evoke emotions that change how we think and feel.


A bold step forward


Our mission has always been to help you furnish your home with unique, thoughtfully crafted pieces that bring your space to life.


We have created our new brand to reflect the developing depth of our range and our passion for helping you discover the right pieces to inspire your style of living.


Today marks a bold step forward for us, and we could not have done it without your support – thank you so much.


Here’s to inspired living.


The RJ Living Team