A Sustainable Future

Following rigorous testing across many of our product ranges, we have now begun to roll out completely recyclable and biodegradable packaging through RJ Living products.

100% Recyclable

Beginning with our Solid Oak pieces, our new packaging features a honeycomb cardboard structure to ensure products stay safe through their journey.

Hessian bags for hardware replace plastic bags, while tape and other adhesives eliminate the use of other plastics.

This means when your unboxing is complete, the entire box and contents can be recycled with ease.

Next Steps

We're committed to fully rolling out recyclable packaging across the RJ Living product range.

Alongside a full rollout with our manufacturing partners, we are creating a strict recyclable packaging standard to inform all future product ranges.

We also plan to extend sustainable packaging use to our homeware packaging, and migrate to recyclable tape and pallet wrap business wide.