Paint Colours That Will Never Go Out of Style

These paint colours will remain classic and timeless in any interior!

Trends may come and go in fashion, food and style, however there are some things in life that remain timeless. Like a classic white button-down that you can pair with anything in your closet, these paint styles will leave your home looking chic and beautiful anytime.



First, let’s go with the obvious. Easy to style, easy to mix and match. White truly is a paint colour that will match anything. It brightens up a room to make it seem bigger and there are lots of options in its paint colour spectrum. Cream white, anyone?

Photo from Anna Lysik

Blush Pink

This colour isn’t only for girls’ bedrooms. It’s not a sweet girly girl but gravitates more on light and sophistication. Blush pink paint is great with wooden furniture as it makes them stand out in a room.

Photo from casabrooklyn


Blue Azure

From the depths of the ocean to Chinese porcelain, this blue colour is a staple all around you. If dynasties before us used this colour, then that’s the epitome of timeless, don’t you think? Try it with light coloured furniture or pastel hues to balance out this rich colour.


A mix of black and white is also a paint colour that will stand the test of changing interior styles. Grey gives an industrial-type feel to a room much like replicating a concrete wall. It can also be architectural, edgy and sophisticated.





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