Scandinavian Mirrors 

Open up your room and let your space be filled with the lightness and brightness that mirrors create. A Scandi mirror is a versatile piece for any home with its neutral tones and clean lines. Be it for your entryway, living room, or bedroom, there’s always a space for a Scandi mirror. 

Function and Decor for Scandinavian Mirrors

A Scandi round mirror is great for smaller spaces like entryways and bathrooms. The round edges are both modern yet homey. 

There’s also an option to go for a Scandi floor mirror to make your space bigger. Check your outfits in full before you go or place this Scandi mirror at full length in your closet space for the best outfit of the day. You can also place a mirror in your living room, not only does it make the room feel bigger but creates a focal point as well. 

A Scandi dressing table mirror is also essential for the ultimate Nordic bedroom. Our mirror selection at RJ Living can be the perfect final touch to compliment your style. We have Scandi bedroom mirrors in white, black, or go bold with our many shapes and sizes available like Arch mirrors and mirrors with shelves.

Practical and Stylish Scandi Mirrors in Australia 

Shop for a Scandi mirror in Australia and look into our variety of Danish mirrors for every budget and style. We’ll deliver your dream mirror pieces Australia-wide, with flexible payment options, too. 


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Showing 47 Results