Teak Side Tables

Score the best teak side tables from the most coveted furniture brands in Australia. With its highly durable material and beautiful golden or medium brown finish, teak is perfect for timeless side tables. If you’re looking for some extra storage room and a display solution for your living room or bedroom, a teak side table is an excellent choice. Use it to lay your beverages, lamps, and candles, or store your knick-knacks in its drawers. These unsung heroes are wonderfully multifunctional so you can even switch up their location in your home.  

Shop High-Quality Teak Side Tables in Australia

Spruce up your living room by shopping from RJ Living’s wide collection of teak side tables. We’ve curated an impressive selection from talented designers and sought-after furniture brands so you won’t have to look elsewhere. Marvel at our range of teak side tables available in a variety of shapes, colours, silhouettes, and price points. You will definitely discover a teak side table that will suit your fancy, whether the aesthetic you’re going for is modern, contemporary, mid-century, or even vintage. All made with premium craftsmanship and timelessness in mind, our teak furniture pieces will last you a lifetime.

Browse our handpicked selection of high-quality teak bed tables in Australia. Visit our Melbourne showroom or take advantage of our Australia-wide delivery by shopping online at RJ Living today!

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Showing 6 Results