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11 Most Popular Furniture Design Styles Explained

11 Most Popular Furniture Design Styles Explained

The right piece of furniture can turn a room into a living space. However, you must choose the right piece to suit your vision. Different furniture styles can add warmth, comfort, sophistication, and more as you see fit, whether you're looking for a thrift store gem or a designer furniture piece.

With so many different furniture styles to choose from, it can be tough to decide which is best for your home. Read on to find out more about some of the most popular styles homeowners are using to spruce up their living space.

designer furniture explained

Designer Furniture

Designer furniture adds a unique touch of sophistication to your space. By using top quality materials, brands like Zakkia, Unico, and Beth Kennedy craft handmade furniture that will last a lifetime.

Don't be fooled by the originality of designer furniture. It is fully functional, comfortable, and stylish all at once. When you hear designer furniture, you may fear the price tag that comes with it, but you can get a beautiful piece of furniture for not much more than contemporary or modern works

At RJ Living, you can find an array of designer furniture that will match any interior design style, taste, or budget. Browse our selection of one of a kind designs to spruce up your favourite space.

scandinavian furniture explained

Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian-style furniture has become a popular design in recent years as minimalist culture has taken off in many parts of the world. The style embraces the Scandanavian ideals of simplicity and functionality, with a clean, uncluttered look. Furniture uses clean, straight lines, though it's often quite artistic in its appearance.

The Scandinavian style also embraces the natural world by using earthy elements in its design. You'll often see furniture pieces incorporating wood and metal elements, particularly bright, form-pressed boards and lightweight steel or aluminium.

When it comes to colour, Scandanavian furniture is usually muted. The style mostly involved white and cream colour palettes. You may also see cooler greys and pale blues. Soft tones lend an elegant, calming feel to rooms decorated in Scandanavian fashion.

modern furniture explained

Modern Contemporary Interior Furniture

Modern furniture style, also known as contemporary furniture, focuses on pristine, with crisp, stark lines and a clean design. Pieces are often simple yet functional, emphasizing form as opposed to detail. These smooth, sleek lines are inspired by the modernistic architecture of the 1930s. They also take influence from Scandanavian trends.

Most modern furniture is made of materials that give it a futuristic look, such as glass, steel, and plastic. If a piece contains wood, it's most often plywood. Occasionally you'll see furnishings that use softwood such as pine. Everything usually has sharp, clean angles and straight lines.

The modern colour palette is typically neutral shades, including whites and creams, beiges, browns, and sometimes greys. Focal furniture pieces may include a splash of bright accent colours, usually in a single solid tone. If you opt to decorate using the modern style, it's best to stick to a single accent colour to highlight in your space.

hamptons style furniture explained

Hampton Home Styles

Also known as coastal style, Hampton-style furniture is inspired by the U.S. coastal lifestyle. Pieces are elegant yet comfortable, incorporating bright, natural elements to pay homage to the ocean.

Coastal furniture is often made of natural elements, particularly light woods such as pine or beech. Wood may be left as is, but it's often painted in a rustic, muted tone such as white or beige. Many pieces are weathered or distressed to give them a more "seaside" feel. You may also find accents that come from natural elements such as shells or sea glass.

Hampton-style furniture has a colour palette inspired by the coast, with cool and relaxing neutral shades. Pieces are often white or beige, sometimes with muted blue, green, or aqua accents. They're designed to capture light and help to bring a more open, airy feel to the room.

industrial furniture explained

Industrial Styles

The industrial style combines sleek modern design with vintage elements to create a uniquely timeless style. Originally, industrial decor derived from old warehouses getting converted into urban living spaces. This included exposed brick, scaffolding, and ducting. People embraced the raw, unfinished look, transforming it into the interior design style we know today.

Industrial furniture is often stark and functional, with plenty of straight angles and negative space. It’s usually made of aged timber or iron to give it a more authentic feel. Some industrial furniture may have a more modern vibe, with plastic and chrome components. Industrial style furniture most often follows a neutral colour scheme. Most wooden and metal components are left their natural colour to create a palette of browns, blacks, and greys. Occasionally you’ll see stark white accents or bursts of more vibrant colours to catch the eye.

rustic furniture explained

Rustic Furniture Styles

Rustic furniture is comfortable and charming, bringing to mind an old country cottage or even a fairy tale scene. It takes inspiration from nature, using raw materials and unfinished elements to create an almost living feel to furniture pieces.

Wood and stone are some of the most common materials found in rustic furniture, along with wool, hemp, and cotton materials. The idea is to bring the outdoors inside the home, creating a simple yet elegant look.

Most rustic furniture emphasizes the materials used rather than the colours. The varying hues of the natural wood and stone act as a focal point. Any other components usually contain subtle colours such as whites and greys so as not to detract from the natural beauty of the piece.

retro furniture explained

Retro Design Furniture

Inspired by the style of post-war 1950s and 1960s America, the retro style is a fun, bubbly, and colourful way to add personality to your living space. Retro-style furniture often revolves around a slight nostalgic component. Styles mimic the circular patterns and curved lines of the era.

Furniture is most often constructed of upholstered wood, usually covered in vibrant fabric or leather. Some decorative pieces, such as bar stools and dining chairs, boast metallic chrome and steel accents. Some retro pieces experiment with even more exotic materials, containing light-up and neon components, faux fur, glitter, and more.

Retro furniture is most often vibrant, featuring bright reds, oranges, greens, and yellows. Many times, you'll see vivid patterns on pieces such as couches, occasional and armchairs. It's best to stick to one or two main colours in a retro palette, as it can become overwhelming otherwise.

mid-century furniture explained

Mid-Century Furniture Style

While mid-century modern furniture pays homage to the same era as retro furniture, the design is much more muted and subdued. It’s much more minimalistic, swapping cluttered patterns for straight lines and muted colours. Mid-century furniture can add a touch of elegance to any room.

While many pieces are fairly simplistic, mid-century style embraces the idea of accent furniture. You can make a statement with oddly-shaped pieces such as egg chairs, marshmallow sofas, and asymmetrical Noguchi tables.

Most furniture is made of wood, metal, and plastic, while some more elegant pieces may also contain glass. While you may see some raw elements, furniture is usually painted according to a fairly subdued colour palette. Whites, beiges, and greys are common fixtures.

Bohemian Style Furniture

This style is particularly popular amongst younger generations for embracing an open, carefree lifestyle. Bohemian, or boho style, emphasizes nature and spirituality. Furniture pieces are designed for comfort, yet make a statement with bold colours and unique designs in interiors.

Most bohemian furniture uses natural components such as wood, wicker, or hemp. You may also find accents such as shells or rocks. Most pieces ditch straight lines in favour of more natural curves.

While boho furniture can stick to muted white and cream tones, you often see exotic patterns on linens, pillows, and more. Boho style often mixes bright colours and shapes to create a piece that’s bursting with life. Many designers combine eclectic pieces of boho furniture to create a space that truly reflects their personalities.

Hollywood Glam Style Furniture

Also known as Hollywood Regency, this decor style is all about luxury and opulence. Nothing is done halfway, with plenty of bright and dramatic accents to add flair to your space. Even furniture pieces are all about detail. Ultimately, regency furniture is designed to awe and impress.

Furniture is often made of expensive wood such as teak or mahogany, with accents of precious metals, jewels, and more. Pillows, lampshades, drapes, and more often feature fine fabrics such as silk or velvet with detailed beading or embroidery. Often, pieces are polished to give off a bright, glossy finish for home.

Most Hollywood glam furniture uses a vibrant colour palette that includes rich jewel tones. Deep reds, blues, purples, and greens are popular choices. These often contrast with darker woods, marbles, and metals to create a striking piece for homes.

French Country Style Furniture

French Country style, or shabby-chic, combines elements of rustic furniture with just a little bit more elegance. The design style embodies the warmth of the countryside interiors, using soft colours and natural components to create cosy yet sophisticated homes.

Most French Country furniture is made of worn or distressed wood or wicker to make it appear more vintage. Many pieces also feature stone and wrought iron accents. Fabrics are typically light, airy cotton and linens.

French Country relies quite a bit on colour to create a warm, homey look. You’ll often find colour palettes that include soft pastel reds, yellows, and golds. However, you can also find French Country furniture that embraces more subtle hues of white and cream.

In Conclusion

Knowing about the most popular furniture styles of the day can give you a good starting point when decorating or redecorating your home. You can use any of these different styles to make a statement within your living space. You can even combine different styles to create a unique look that’s true to “you.”

RJ Living offers furniture ranges with incredible styles inspired by leading designers in Australia and around the world. Our team also can help in giving design tips to choose the right styles and furniture for you. We hope that this guide will help you and inspire you to create a home that works and is a beautiful place to create moments together. Shop online today.

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