Let us Help Plan Your Space

Buying furniture is an exciting process, but it can quickly become overwhelming.

That's where we come in, with qualified interior designers able to guide you through the buying experience.

For those needing anywhere from one room to a whole home transformed, our Interior Design Consult is perfect. We'll offer a helping hand in taking your interior dreams and showcasing how RJ Living pieces can help you achieve them.

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  • 1. Consult

    Paired with one of our interior designers, we'll learn about your space and requirements through a questionnaire and consultation.

  • 2. Concept

    We'll present a concept that takes into account your space, with a shopping list catered to you. Our stylists will curate a layout, intentionally selecting pieces that not only compliment but elevate your space.

  • 3. Delivery

    Time to bring your space to life! We use professional delivery services to ensure your space comes together with ease. We help coordinate all the delivery details, making the process as seamless as possible.

Meet Our Stylists

Expert at bringing spaces to life, our qualified stylist are here to help you realise your interior dream.

Bree has worked in the design industry for over 10 years, over these years she has designed over 100 properties including residential homes, Airbnb’s, commercial spaces and property staging. Bree has also undertaken a complete renovation of her own home, sparking a passion for making an old space new and seeing how you can transform any home and make it beautiful.
Molly has a passion for pushing boundaries with design, exploring different shapes and colours to really elevate a space. Molly recently graduated with a Bachelor in Interior Design, now wanting to devote her time to creating unique, timeless designs for all types of homes. She seeks inspiration from Melbourne’s beautiful architecture and her travels.
Has a passion for the art and science of enhancing a space through the principles of interior design. Loves creating spaces that combine both aesthetic and function in an eclectic way. Ruben has worked across both the Furniture and Fashion Industry and has an exceptional eye for detail.
With a strong interest in spatial planning and colour theory, Sarah has a passion for helping her clients create both a functional and inspiring homes. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Interior Design at RMIT university.
Remona has worked across the Design space for several years and has a strong appreciation for aesthetics and design.
Interior Design Consult

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What's included in the Service?

Our styling service is designed for individuals to engage with our in-house stylists who provide personalised concept boards featuring RJ Living products based on your needs.

Can my existing furniture be integrated into the project?

Our team caters their concepts to your space, ensuring our pieces work with anything you'd like to keep.

What is the time between consultation and presentation of the concept board?

We aim to present your concept within 2-3 business days however if your project is 3+ rooms it may take a full business week.

Do I have a choice in what furniture goes into the property?

Your stylist will provide a concept board and shopping list to match, you can then remove and add items as you wish. If you order with us we apply exclusive discounts for Interior Design Consult customers.

Will my consultation include options for wall and floor finishes?

Our service takes into account floor and wall finishes, however our recommendations are central to furniture & homeware products only.

Are there any design fees?

The service is free of charge. However, in the event that you require concepts for more than 1 room, we require order confirmation of the first room before proceeding to additional rooms.

If we have a specific move in date, can my stylist work to this?

During the consultation your stylist will ask about your time frame for the project, and whether this is ready now or at a later date. They will also provide lead times on the furniture selected. Once an order is finalised we can make note of the delivery date required and work towards this. RJ Living can hold final orders for a month from purchase or longer if negotiated with the stylist.

Will my furniture be assembled when delivered?

RJ Living provides different levels of delivery service at varying levels of cost. Our VIP delivery service in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane includes delivery, assembly and rubbish removal. As part of the consultation, your stylist will present to you the options available in your project's location.

Will the delivery include removal of existing furniture?

Unfortunately RJ living is unable to provide a service to remove your existing furniture.

Will the stylist only specify RJ living products?

We are confident in the style and quality of RJ Living products. Your stylist will only specify products listed on the www.rjliving.com.au website. Where an item is unavailable within our range, we suggest products from other suppliers where they are more suitable for the project.

Can businesses seek advice for spaces as well?

For commercial spaces, our Furniture Packages allow for the best results.