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Sofas Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Sofa Types & Styles

One of the best things in the world is coming home after a tiring day to a comfy and cosy sofa. A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home, so it's important to choose one that is both comfortable and stylish. But how to choose a sofa can be a bit tricky so we’re here to help you find one that checks all the boxes - something well-designed and has all the right measurements!

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What to consider before buying sofas?

A sofa is one of the larger pieces of furniture you’ll purchase and is an investment in itself. Before making that big decision, there are some factors to consider, both aesthetically and practically.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a sofa, including size, style, and material. Size is an important consideration because sofas come in a variety of sizes. They can range from small loveseats to large sectionals. Style is another important consideration. There are many different styles of sofas, including traditional, contemporary, and modern.

Material is also an important consideration. Sofa upholstery can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, fabric, and microfiber. When choosing a sofa, it's important to take into account the size of the room. A large sofa may look out of place in a small room, and a small sofa may be lost in a large room.

Would you go for comfort or one that fits your space? A sofa that’s perfect for movie nights with friends or a homey one that’s meant for two? Upholstery in velvet, leather, or even pet-friendly options? Having the right knowledge in all things sofas can come in handy when finally deciding on how to buy a sofa to complete your living room.

Common Questions asked on how to pick the right sofa for your home are:

  • What are the different types of sofas?
  • What are the different styles of sofa?
  • How to choose the right sofa size?
  • How to decorate your sofa to fit the room?

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Types of Sofas

Two Seater Sofas: Best suited for smaller spaces or a quaint nook in your home. Couples and smaller families can benefit from a two-seater sofa as it’s space-saving. A two-seater sofa can come with or without cushions.

Three Seater Sofas: If you have more room to work with, a three seater sofa is also great for couples and small families who want a little legroom to spare. Lounging with your feet up is possible! Three seater sofas can have back cushions, or longer cushions included.

Four Seater Sofas: Larger spaces and bigger families can relax as this sofa can comfortably seat up to four people. A couple of back cushions can look great as well as a luxe throw.

Fabric Sofas: Whether you’re looking for neutrals or bright pinks, there’s a multitude of patterns, textures, and colours in fabric sofas, complementing decor and matching the exact interior style you’re going for. Fabric sofas are also known for their comfort and durability.

Chaise Sofas: With its L shape, a chaise sofa is a good match for bigger spaces or even open concepts. Its shape and size are great for entertaining and especially for relaxing with your legs stretched out.

Chaise Lounge: Prop your feet up, a chaise lounge is a modern French interior design term that refers to any long, reclining chair. Great for reclining and of course, lounging - they can be a statement or accent piece.

Armchairs: Typically complementing sofas on the side or as a piece of accent furniture in a living room or bedroom, an armchair allows side support for our arms and is a great accompaniment to a reading nook.

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How to measure your sofas?

To prevent the nightmare of ever having to put a sofa through a door or window that doesn’t fit or having one that’s simply not the right size for your home.

Length/Width: Measure the length of the sofa from arm to arm to get the widest part. This will ensure that you’ll get the most space needed to fit your area.

Depth: In order to measure the depth of the sofa, get the outside edge of the back of the seat all the way to the front of the sofa.

Height: The height of a sofa is the distance from the floor to the highest point on the back of the sofa.

Measure for Delivery to Fit Through the Door
The measuring tape goes far beyond measuring the sofa - doors and elevators benefit from this as well. The worst would be having the sofa of your dreams only to not be able to fit it into your doorway. Take into consideration passageways in order to make sure you are getting the distance at all points like molding, locksets, ceiling, and door heights.

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What are the different sofa fabric types?

The type of fabric that you choose for your sofa matters just as much as the design, shape, and size! Going for both comfort and style, there are many different types of sofa material to choose from.

Linen: Gives an organic feel to a sofa, with a looser weave than cotton. Performance linen that’s used for upholstery is durable and has the natural feel of linen - without the cons of wrinkling and staining easily. If you don’t have pets and love the look of linen, non-performance fabric would be a great choice. Linen can also come in various shades and is soft and comfortable too.

Cotton: A natural fiber and a sofa staple, cotton is cost-efficient and comes in many fun patterns and colours! From neutrals to florals, cotton is a versatile fabric that can suit so many different types of sofas.

While cotton can resist fading, it can be quite susceptible to stains. You can opt for a hue or pattern that’s darker or get your sofa professionally treated to keep it looking new.

Velvet: This soft and sumptuous fabric has a feeling of luxe and elegance and instantly elevates a space. While silk velvet can be easily stainable, performance velvet has all the benefits of that tactile experience without worrying about stains, fading or pets. ​​

Leather: A classic leather sofa is on the top of the list of high-end items for the home. They are durable, stain-resistant, and get even better and softer over time. Highly versatile and sophisticated, it can fit many types of interior styles from vintage to modern contemporary.

Boucle: Derived from the French word boucler, meaning “to curl,” boucle is a rich fabric made from nubby, looped yarn, and has a distinct texture. Due to its texture, it instantly adds cosiness to your space and draws the eye however it can be hard to clean - but steam does the trick easily!

Styling Sofas with Cushions - Lifestyle Images by RJ Living

How to mix and match cushions on sofas?

If you’ve finally found the one, and it’s in the perfect spot in your home, it’s time to style a sofa by upping your cushion game. While some sofas already come with cushions on hand, mixing and matching additional cushions adds textures, accents, and ties up your sofa look together.

Colours: The trick with combining cushions with different colours is to choose a colour story. Will it be varying shades of neutrals? Complementary colours? Usually, three colours do the trick! The overall colour scheme also has to go well with the whole design of your space.

Patterns: Mixing and matching patterns in cushions can be easy. Always pick a common denominator between the patterns, be it florals or geometric, they can be anchored by the same colour and match your whole space perfectly. Choose a cushion with a lead pattern - which usually has the biggest proportion of print, another one with a smaller print, and a solid colour cushion for a stylish mix.

Texture: Textures can also come to play with cushions, ​​the juxtaposition of soft and fuzzy as well as smooth and rough for an exceptional look. Linen and velvet? Tassels and boucle? The varieties are endless.

How To Buy A Sofa

How do I know if a sofa will match my other furniture?

When considering whether or not a sofa will match your other furniture, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First, think about the overall style of your home and your existing furniture. Are your pieces more traditional or modern? Do they have clean lines or are they ornate? What colours and materials are they made of? Once you have a good sense of your current style, you can start to narrow down your sofa options.

How to choose the right types of sofa styles for me?

Ready for your dream sofa? We hope that this sofa style guide helps you in the search for the best sofa for your home. Stylish, quality-made, and measured just right - even with cushions that match.

For all your sofa needs, from 2-seater, 3-seater, 4-seater, and fabric sofas and armchairs - it’s all at RJ Living. Coming in a variety of sizes, colours and we can even send you a sample fabric. Take a look at our sofas and living furniture online or visit our Melbourne showroom to try them out.

Who can I consult when purchasing a sofa?

When purchasing a sofa, there are a variety of different experts at RJ Living who can provide the best possible advice for your coach buying decision. First, you should consult with our furniture expert in order to get their opinion on what type of sofa would be best for your needs. They will be able to tell you what type of sofa would be best based on the size of your room, your budget, and your personal style.

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