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TV Stand Size Guide: Read Before You Buy

It’s not easy to fit your television into the aesthetic of a living room or bedroom but an elegant television stand provides an opportunity to make your screen a natural part of the space.

The key is to buy a TV stand that’s compatible with both your television and the existing decor and homewares in your room. A big screen on a small TV stand poses a safety risk while a TV unit that’s too large for your television can look odd. It’s just as important to find a TV stand style that matches the style of your room.

This TV stand size guide covers everything you need to know about finding the right TV stand size and style for your space.

Step 1: Determine the actual width of your TV

To make sure you pick an entertainment unit that fits your television, you need to know the size of the TV it will hold.

Television screens are usually advertised with their diagonal measurement—the size of the screen from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner. For example, a 65-inch TV has a diagonal width of 65 inches, from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner.

This measurement isn’t particularly useful if you want to find a TV stand that fits—what you need are the measurements for the width and height of your TV. Television dimensions vary depending on the brand, the size of the frame, and more.

Take a look at the chart below to find the general 16:9 dimensions of common TV sizes.

TV Size Width Height
55" 121cm 68.5cm
60" 133cm 75cm
65" 136.5cm 81cm
70" 155cm 87.5cm
75" 166cm 93.5cm

How to measure your television

There are no true standard dimensions for televisions, which is why you’ll get the most accurate measurements by taking note yourself.

how to measure tv guide

Get a measuring tape, as well as a pen and paper or a device to write down the measurements.

1. Measure the width of your television, including the frame that wraps around the screen.

2. Measure the height of your television, including the TV stand and the frame.

3. Measure the depth of the television - from the furthest point at the front to the furthest point at the back.

Step 2: Select TV units based on TV sizes

Once you have the dimensions of your television, you can snow start looking at an entertainment unit that will best fit your TV.

Your television unit should be at least a few inches wider and deeper than the TV itself (a reasonable guide is to aim for a unit at least ten centimetres wider than the TV).

This isn’t just about aesthetics. Why? If the unit is too small for your TV, the overhanging screen poses a safety risk. Your TV may be also more prone to falling or being accidentally knocked off the stand. It’s also important that your unit can support the weight of your television.

So what’s the best size of TV unit for your TV size?

TV Unit Width (cm)

Recommended Min TV Size (Diagonal)

Recommended Max TV Size (Diagonal)
100-140cm 40" 55"
140-160cm 45" 60"
160-180cm 50" 65"
180-200cm 55" 70"
200+cm 60" 75"

*This chart is a general recommendation only and not a strict guideline.

Step 3: Don’t forget to match the viewing height

Another consideration is finding a TV unit that allows your screen to sit at just the right viewing level, where you don’t have to crane your neck for the best viewing angle. The best tip is to position your TV at or just below eye level.

tv viewing height guide

Low TV stands

Up to 50cm in height. Often available in a minimalist or retro style, low TV stands are clean and simple with the right balance of aesthetic and functionality.

Medium TV stands

50-60cm in height. Designed to offer just the right height for standard television, medium TV stands have storage and a clean, spacious surface area.

Tall TV stands

60+cm in height. Often featuring built-in drawers or deep, high shelving, large TV stands provide plenty of storage for your entertainment needs and a high perch for your television.

Step 4: Where to place your TV unit

There’s a sweet spot when it comes to how far away you should place your sofa and armchairs from your television.

We recommend having a viewing distance that is at least 1.5 times your screen size, which will allow you to appreciate the details on the screen without noticing individual pixels. For example, if you have a 65” TV, it’s best to place your sofa at least 250cm or about 2.5 metres from the unit.

Screen Size (inches) Viewing Distance (cm / m)
40" 150cm / 1.5m
45" 170cm / 1.7m
50" 190cm / 1.9m
55" 210cm / 2.1m
60" 230cm / 2.3m
65" 250cm / 2.5m
70" 265cm / 2.65m
75" 285cm / 2.85m
80" 300cm / 3m

Step 5: Choose a TV unit in your ideal style

Choose the right type of TV unit for your needs

The right TV unit depends on the functionality and design of your existing space. You will need to choose a TV stand style that’s suitable not just for your television, but for the size and interiors of your room.

  • Corner TV stands, such as the Porter Corner Entertainment Unit, are designed to fit in the corner of a room and usually feature flat corners that fit snug against perpendicular walls. These are great in small spaces.
  • Floating TV units are wall-mounted units that open up the floor space and create a contemporary look. Shelves and drawers help conceal cords while the television can be mounted above the unit or stood upon it. Entertainment units with recessed bases that sit upon the floor, such as the Embody Entertaining Unit, can also provide the illusion of floating.
  • Console TV stands are often minimalist television units that have a clean, rectangular shape, closed and open shelving, and a large surface area.
  • Cabinet entertainment units like the Linear Entertainment Unit may contain closed cabinetry or open shelving, drawers, along with a large open surface to put the television (sometimes with cabinet doors to hide away the screen when not in use).
  • Shelving units, such as the Cross Shelving Unit, are visually light with an open design and sculptured finish. Open shelves provide ample storage while a spacious surface area is perfect for a large TV.

Choose from our most popular TV stand styles

Your living room may already have its own style, whether it’s retro, mid-century look or a clean, minimalist Scandinavian feel.

Finding a TV stand in a style similar to the existing decor will help provide a seamless transition from the entertainment unit to the rest of the home.

Scandinavian TV cabinets

scandinavian tv unit

Embracing the ‘less is more’ philosophy, Scandinavian TV cabinets combine style and function. Clean straight lines, a suggestion of a curve, and neutral colours with light wood define this Nordic style.

Industrial TV stands

industrial tv unit guide

Linear in style, industrial TV stands feature functional, generous storage, a crafted, boxy structure, and clean, refined edges. Plenty of room for your television and decor.

Modern and Contemporary TV units

modern contemporary tv unit

Minimalist, natural, and made for the aesthete, contemporary TV units are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and natural finishes with one commonality: they will fit effortlessly in your modern home.

Mid-Century TV cabinets

mid century tv unit

Making a gorgeous accent piece in your home, a stunning mid-century TV cabinet showcases fine details, such as slatted doors or rattan styling.

The best materials and finishings for your TV unit

Finally, a fitting TV stand should match the finishing and materials you already have in your entertainment room.

Walnut TV stands provide a dark, brooding, and elegant finish that will compliment your decor without dominating the room.

Oak Timber TV stands look wonderful in a minimalist room. Solid oak features unique knots, colour variations, black lines, and tiger grains, which add character to your piece.

oak timber tv unit

Teak entertainment units exude a coffee colour that evokes classic retro designs. An elegant option for an elegant living room.

teak tv unit

Rattan TV stands look stunning in a retro, mid-century home, with small details woven from natural materials.

rattan tv unit

Metal TV units, such as the Cross Shelving Unit, combine function and style and look fabulous as an industrial piece in a modern home.

metal tv unit

Step 6: Tips to decorate your TV unit

The final way to make your television become a natural part of the room is to decorate the TV stand in a way that allows it to seamlessly transition from an entertainment space to a family living room.

Here are just a few of our favourite ways to decorate your TV unit:

  • Create a wall gallery around your television so the screen appears to be just one more framed piece. Choose frames, photos, and wall prints in an elegant black-and-white theme. If you prefer a splash of colour, stick to three or four swatches.
  • Mount the screen several inches above the TV unit to provide chic space underneath, with room for a few design pieces, such as a stack of stylish books, a vase of flowers or even a pot plant or two.
  • Create balance by placing items on either side of your TV. Think about the height of your items; a vase on one side of your TV might be elegantly matched by a decorative object of a similar height on the other side.
  • Bundle decorative items to create symmetry. A tray is a great way to group smaller curios, such as candles or ornaments.
  • Fill open shelving units with stylish items, such as books and frames, and save closed shelves and drawers for items that are likely to add clutter (such as video game consoles).


tv unit

What even is a TV unit?

A TV unit is a console or cabinet that is designed to house your television and any other entertainment equipment, such as DVD players, video game consoles, and more. Designer TV units are stylish furniture pieces on their own that can often serve as the statement piece in a living room to draw attention away from the screen when not in use.

Where to put a TV in the living room with a fireplace?

You don’t want the television screen to detract attention from the fireplace as the centrepiece in the living room. The television is best placed either beside the fireplace or mounted above it so that this area can remain the focus around where you’ll arrange other furniture, such as sofas.

What is the minimum distance between TV and fireplace?

We recommend keeping your television between 20cm and 30cm away from the fireplace.

How high should a TV be mounted in a living room?

The centre of your TV should be eye level when seated. In general, these are the guidelines we recommend when mounting your TV:

TV Size (inches) Height from floor to TV centre (cm)
40" 140cm
55" 155cm
60" 160cm
65" 165cm
70" 170cm

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

The obvious advantage to mounting your flat-screen TV on the wall is that it saves plenty of space.

You can use the TV unit or a coffee table underneath as a decorative piece or forego it if space is limited.

When wall mounting a TV you’ll need to think carefully about how you’ll hide the various cords. And you’ll want to be happy with where you choose to mount your television: once you decide, you can’t go back.

What’s next?

So there you have it, everything you need to know about choosing the right TV unit for your entertainment setup. Once you’ve measured your television and chosen the size, style, and material for your television unit, the fun can begin: buying and styling your entertainment unit.

RJ Living has a range of beautifully crafted contemporary and modern retro television units designed in Melbourne. With specialist furniture delivery Australia-wide or free pick-up from our Melbourne warehouse, your elegant designer TV unit will soon be bringing your entertainment space to life.

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