Solid Wood Furniture

Buy the best solid wood furniture in Melbourne, Australia. Take your pick from endless design options and price ranges that are suitable for all budgets. Hardwood furniture offers great durability and functionality, serving as timeless treasures for your home. May you be looking for solid timber furniture for the living room, dining room or bedroom, you’ll find plenty of high-quality wooden furniture pieces here at RJ Living in Melbourne. What’s more, is that you can choose from a wide range of masterfully crafted furniture that’s suited for all kinds of interior design styles - may your home be modern, contemporary, rustic, industrial, or even retro! 

Design Your Dream Home with Solid Wood Furniture in Melbourne

Explore RJ Living’s handpicked selection of top-tier solid wood furniture in your bedroom or living room from the most coveted brands. Discover solid wood furniture for sale and marvel at their stunning colours like white and wood, brown and black. If you’re looking for accent pieces, we’ve got solid wood furniture with sophisticated accents like marble and rattan. From wood tables, wooden cupboard, solid wood bed frames, solid wood dining sets and chairs, to solid wood desks and drawers, we’ve got an impressive selection just for you. 

Browse natural wood furniture in Melbourne, Australia. Visit our Melbourne showroom or take advantage of our Australia-wide delivery by shopping online at RJ Living today.

Common Questions

Which solid wood is best for furniture?

Hardwood furniture is great as furniture materials for their quality and durability. Solid wood like oak, teak, maple and mahogany all have beautiful grain patterns and come in rich and earthy colours. 

What is the difference between wood and solid wood?

Solid wood comes from lumber and is a direct product of a tree. While wooden furniture can come from different types of wood combined together. 

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