Solid Wooden Tables

A solid wood table is a stunning addition to your space. Whether it’s a coffee table, a console table, or a side table, these versatile pieces of furniture can complete your home and serve the utility you need it for. Use a solid wood table as the highlight of your living room, place your television on a beautiful wooden console table, or get the storage space you need for your bedroom with a handy side table. Solid wood tables are surfaces you can eat from, place things, and even work at - so you can get creative with the way you use them in your home!

Explore a Range of Stunning Solid Wood Tables in Australia

Whether you’re searching for an accent piece or eyeing solid wood tables that will complete your well-designed home, RJ Living has a range of furniture options that will suit every design preference. Select from gorgeous shapes like rectangle, square, round, or oval, take your pick from solid wood tables made with sturdy and high-quality walnut, teak, rattan, or oak. Our coveted solid wood tables are designed with quality, function, and style in mind - so you’ll be sure to find a treasure for your home. 

Browse our solid wood tables below and find design inspiration for your exciting home makeover! Best of all, you can shop in-store or online and enjoy our Australia-wide delivery.

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