Hardwood, cement, and tile floors are attractive, easy-to-clean, and modern – but they lack a certain friendliness and comfort. That’s where floor rugs from RJ Living come in! With the right modern rugs and designer rugs, it’s easy to make your living areas more cozy and comfortable.

Retrojan has a fantastic selection of rugs online, suitable for just about any style preference. Looking for rustic rugs made from reclaimed materials and cowhide? We’ve got you covered! Interested in minimalist, high-pile rugs that are cozy enough to sleep on?

We’ve got those, too! Need a brightly-patterned rug to contrast with the rest of your home? No problem!
There’s no better place to buy rugs online than Retrojan. No matter where you may be in Australia, we ship right to your door – and Melbourne residents can visit our showroom to see our rugs in person! Shop now – and find the perfect rug for your home!