Dining Chairs For Your Dining & Kitchen Area

Our range of dining chairs are catered for all occasions. As the room where you and your guests spend eating, conversing and enjoying each other's company, a dining room should be designed with high-quality furniture that are comfortable and style - so it’s important to find designer chairs that tick off just that! Whether it’s a romantic candlelight dinner for two, a lively dinner party bursting with friends, or just a good old Sunday roast, it takes a special set of kitchen seating and dining chairs to comfortably and happily hold everyone right through to the dessert course. Elevate your mealtimes with the best designer dining chairs in Australia.

Kitchen Chair Styles

RJ Living features a curated selection of dining room chairs for your sophisticated and elegant dining room. Here you can find inspiration to choose the dining chairs and kitchen chairs that will suit your lifestyle. Choose from Scandinavian-inspired dining chairs with natural timber and scoop back dining design features or industrial chic statement dining chairs, made from strong metals to designer dining chairs with contemporary designs. Our impressive catalogue of designer dining chairs and kitchen chairs offers furniture pieces in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and silhouettes! 

Crafted with the best and quality materials like leather, velvet, metal, various wood and upholstery, our unique offering will suit your needs and preference. Available separately or in sets of two, our dining chairs and kitchen chairs online come in almost every colour of the rainbow. Mix and match the chairs to great effect with our dining tables for a modern take on a designer dining chair. You can also use them as beautiful occasional chairs or lounges throughout your home.

Designer Dining Chairs Australia Wide Delivery

View our selection dining chairs available with various styles and colours for your home or test the designer dining chairs out at our Melbourne showroom, you’ll definitely find your perfect match. 

Add beautiful accents to your home with dining chairs. A dining room is where you spend sharing meals with your family and friends, so it’s important to invest in stylish and comfortable furniture pieces to set up an inviting atmosphere. If you dream of a functional yet stylish dining room, dining chairs are the perfect accent pieces you’re looking for. 

How To Buy Dining Chairs?

Create an amazing mealtime experience by making sure that your dining chairs match the overall look of your dining space. 

How To Choose The Right Dining Chair Height?

Regular dining tables are 30 inches high, and chairs should be 17-19 inches high to match. If your table is higher or lower, try to leave about 13 inches of space from the bottom of the table to the seat of the chair. You can go down to ten inches if necessary, but 13 is better.

In order for the person sitting at the table to feel at ease, the seat base must be approximately 40-49 centimeters above the floor.

How Do You Match Dining Tables and Chairs?

Choosing a dining table should match the size of your room, as well as the number of people you want to host and how you like serving meals. Rectangle tables and oval tables are best for a big dining room, while square tables and circle tables work for smaller dining rooms.

Tables and chairs can disrupt traffic if you put them in the wrong place. Try to keep them far enough away from walls and storage pieces to give enough space to walk around in. 

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