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Dining tables create a communal hub of the home where family and friends can join together to enjoy their favorite meals. It’s not just huge family feasts or intimate three-course dinner parties our dining room tables host, it’s also mugs of hot chocolate and jigsaw puzzles on rainy afternoons. A kitchen table in Australia is a true centerpiece, often a witness to the changing seasons and holiday traditions all year round. If you want to create an elegant and stylish long dining table that you and your guests will love to spend time in, our range of dinner tables would be perfect additions to your home. With a dining room table that showcases form and function, your mealtimes are made even more special

Dining Room Table Sizes

There are many dining tables available in all shapes and sizes yet one always has to consider the space allotted for a dinner table and what it can accommodate. 

Small Dining Tables 

For compact spaces, a small dining table is the solution. Opt for circle dining tables or square dining tables to maximise space. 

Large Dining Tables

For those who like to entertain, large dining tables like ovals or a rectangle dining table are preferred due to the number of people they can seat. 

Long Dining Tables

Make a grand dining room with a long dining table that’s best for entertaining with family and friends at home. 

Designer Breakfast & Kitchen Tables

Kitchen tables are a practical solution to every modern and contemporary home. Brew some coffee and create a scrumptious meal over a breakfast table that’s stylish and functional. 

RJ Living has a wide selection of dining tables that will suit any style preference, whether you’re looking for one with a retro, modern, contemporary, or industrial aesthetic. Opting to buy a dining table, beautiful timber dining tables will stay with you for years. Whether it’s a Scandinavian or modern style you’re seeking, our beautifully crafted dining tables, dining chairs and stools are ready to become part of your home and create memories with you. We have a wide selection of dining room tables from glass, marble, oak, teak, and walnut, so go ahead and explore all the incredible dining tables options available in our Melbourne showroom or browse below to see what’s in stock. We’ll have it delivered to your door, ready for all the meals awaiting. 

Common Questions

What is a dining table used for?

Dining tables are pieces of furniture where meals are eaten and yet they’re also versatile pieces and can also be  used as desks and writing surfaces.

What should be on a dining table?

The partner of the dining table are always dining chairs or dining benches to complete the whole look. Homewares like tableware or vases are also added as centrepieces to add a personal touch.

Which shape dining table is best?

To help you determine which shape and size is best for your home, determine the area at your disposal and how many people you plan to seat at the table. Rectangular dining tables as well as oval dining tables are best for larger spaces while round dining tables and square dining tables are greatly suited when space is limited.

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