Coffee Tables You'll Love

living room is complete with a beautiful coffee table. Coffee tables with shelves and round coffee table are especially ideal for those who like to play board games or enjoy getting up close and personal with guests. Often serving as the centerpiece of the living room, a modern round coffee table or nest of tables oak is the perfect multi-functional piece of furniture to get creative with. The accessories and features of coffee table with drawers are endless - it can hold storage space, house books, and trays, showcase floral arrangements, display candles, and so much more. Get to showcase your book collections, have a place for your morning coffee and snacks with wooden coffee tables for your home. 

Coffee Table Size & Shapes

A modern coffee table is essential to tie your living room space together, while there are so many options available, we’ll walk you through coffee table sizes and shapes to make the best choice. 

Coffee Table Height

Coffee Tables should be around the same height as the seat of your sofa or around 2-3 inches below or above the seat height. Not only does this look more aesthetically pleasing but also helps in the overall functionality of your coffee table. 

Coffee Table Length

With regards to the length, consider the space you need to walk and navigate around your coffee table within the rest of the room. Try to leave about  17 inches from each end of your coffee table to the edge of your sofa for walkability. 

Coffee Table Materials & Styles

The materials you’ll choose for your coffee table will certainly affect your interiors and overall look of your space. We break down some of the most common materials and styles for your living room. 

One of the most common materials used for coffee tables, the versatility of solid wood coffee tables make it easy to fit into different interiors with its colours and shapes. Solid Oak Coffee Tables are also very durable and built to last. 

Light finishes like Solid Oak will have a more Scandinavian and modern feel.  Walnut stain finishes give a  very mid-century feel while Black coffee tables can add a more industrial vibe to a room.

Light finishes like Solid Oak will have a more Scandinavian and modern feel.  Walnut stain finishes give a  very mid-century feel while Black coffee tables can add a more industrial vibe to a room.

Glass coffee tables are perfect to add a minimal yet elegant look to your living room. Easy to clean and maintain, glass coffee tables often have a different base material like metal or stone which can match the overall look of your space. 

Another durable material, marble coffee tables add a beautiful touch to your living room with their natural swirls and designs. Natural stone coffee tables can be quite heavy but also quite versatile to suit various interior styles with marble’s range of colours available. 

One of the most practical ways of adding storage into your home is the use of multi-functional storage pieces. Storage coffee tables are a great addition to store hidden trinkets or have important devices out of reach. Aside from providing the needed surface area for your living room, these organisational pieces are functional and practical for every home.  

Coffee Table Must-Haves for the Living Room

At RJ Living, you can score the perfect round wood coffee table that will spruce up your space and find one with the perfect material that fits your style. Enjoy the smooth lines and gentle curves of our round retro coffee tables or dark coffee table and achieve a modern and chic aesthetic with a modern round coffee table made from wood, steel, glass, metal coffee tables or marble coffee tables. With our impressive range of coffee tables in a variety of colours, you can show off your personality, too!

Shop coffee tables in-store or online with Australia-wide delivery - you’ll surely find a coffee table that’s beautiful, functional, and exciting to use.

Common Questions

What is the difference between side table and coffee table?

Coffee Tables are usually placed at the center of your living room, or at the center of the area rug. Often anchoring the room, it provides a gathering space for entertaining or for daily activities in the living area. Side tables are often places next to the sofa or armchair as a placeholder for table lamps, books or other homewares.

What else is a coffee table called?

Tea table or cocktail table, whatever your beverage of choice, coffee tables in sitting areas are a staple piece of furniture. Hold your array of beverages, snacks, design books and media devices, they are functional and stylish in any home. 

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