Made to last

When conceptualising new furniture designs, materiality is at the centre of our journey.

We utilise natural materials across timber, fabrics, marble and more as much as possible. All these are painstakingly tracked for accountability and we use materials endemic to the country of manufacture to lessen the environmental impact of transporting materials.


Across all timber products, our processes have been refined to ensure not only high quality pieces, but that they're created in the most sustainable manner possible.

All timber we use in our products is thoroughly tracked, ensuring responsible harvesting. We engage independent legal verification of all timber, tracking the individual forest of harvest, and much of our timber carries PEFC or FSC certification.

Through production our goal is to ensure maximum usage of timber. To minimise waste, we use timber with more character in internals and also stain it black and walnut to provide more product choice.

Finishings are carefully chosen, with oils all low VOC, ensuring minimal environmental impact during application, and also comfort for you in your home.


Our thorough timber standards carry through to our upholstery range, with the materials used in frames tracked extensively.

All feathers are certified using the Responsible Down Standard (RSD), and we minimise fabric wastage by cutting samples out of unused material.

Our manufacturing is conscious, using a made to order and modular approach to minimise over production.

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Our Stone range puts a large emphasis in maximum material usage and minimal transportation.

Much of our Marble range is from local quarries, allowing for ease of transportation plus supporting of the local economy.

We regularly look for opportunities to create exciting limited edition ranges when the opportunity arises. Our Crimson range was conceptualised on a supplier visit, finding a stone that had powerful character but was under-utilised and would have been wasted.

Locally, we are proud to offer il Pietra's stone range to our customers. Utilising stone offcuts from larger residential and commercial projects, their homewares are truly sustainable.

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A sometimes under appreciated material, Metal offers a durable and long term purchasing proposition.

Metal is one of the most recyclable materials, and its low wastage during production makes if efficient to produce.

It can crossover into undercover outdoor usage for versatility, and can be powder coated at any point during its journey, allowing you to change up your aesthetic without a brand new purchase.