Scandinavian Furniture

Built on the words function and simplicity, Scandinavian Furniture is a combination of inclinations from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Scandinavian interior design philosophies emphasize natural features, neutral colour palettes, simple lines and functionality resulting in spaces immersed with light, airiness, and of coherence with nature. Emerging in the 1950’s as a resurgence of modern Nordic design in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway, it started as a movement that highlighted function in furniture. With light colours, natural materials and clean lines, the aesthetic was mostly influenced by the region’s short days and long winters, which called for bright, airy and practical interiors.

Today Scandinavian furniture is popular with minimalists favoring less clutter and more organization, aiming for a polished look without sacrificing style and purpose. If you’re leaning on this style for your home, look out for these design elements for a Scandinavian-inspired home and furniture.


Favoring straightforward elements into its design, Scandinavian furniture pieces are highly functional and well-made. No fuss, no ornate detailing, just furniture with a purpose. Take a look at dining chairs in simple builds, dining tables and homewares with similar design and color schemes. Always go for polished lines in your furniture with highlight on how they will be used.

Light and Airy

In keeping up with the long winter, lots of window elements are seen in Scandinavian design to introduce light into the room. Mirrors are strategically placed in order to brighten up a space as well as having translucent or lighter window treatments. Try to use candles in metallic candelabras for accent and added effect. Lighting fixtures in wood and concrete in their raw materials and with linear elements are favored to keep with the minimalist look.

Neutral Components

It is well noted that the Nordic love the outdoors so let the outdoors in with neutral elements like light natural wood furniture and flooring. Accent with a scattering of potted plants for a lush feel. Paintings in pastels or landscapes in bold colours may add a touch of whimsy and can put your whole look together.

Even painting your walls white, grey or in cool blues can give the right ambience of a Scandinavian interior.

Whether you will go full on with your Scandinavian furniture or place them in sections of your home, the trick is to always keep a balanced eye. Danish inspired furniture may introduce similar styles if you would like to have an additional range of styles to choose from. Scandinavian design also uses lush rugs to add texture and depth to a minimalist space.

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